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Advertise, grow and run your business right from your handbag.  If you like cash n' carry, our Large Display Tote is big enough to hold everything you need to sell right out of your purse, and then some.  Makes a great bag diaper bag, teacher's bag or brag bag for storing a tournament's worth of treats to cheer on your superstar.

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A Walking Billboard


Maximize exposure and reach new customers with a Luci Bags DISPLAY TOTE, designed to promote your business and even sell product right out of your handbag. Showcase a sampling of products in the exterior window pockets. Mix in catalog clippings, photos, and a call-to-action that highlights your brand. Add an ACCESSORY BAG or SMALL POUCH to hold business cards, samples, literature and cash-n-carry product. Now you're ready to advertise everywhere you go. 

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