Shibori Large Display Tote

Staging Your Mobile Shop

Successful displays are clear, on brand and attractive. Think of it as a department store window featuring you! Select merchandise that is visually stunning and will appeal to loads of people. Use a clear CTA (call-to-action) and window cards to keep smaller items secure. Mix in catalog clippings or packaging consistent with your brand image. Keep things fresh by rotating products seasonally and highlighting promos.

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Calypso Original Display Tote

Effective Call-To-Action

An effective CTA (call-to-action) is key to making sales right out of your Luci Bag. Offering a sample or a freebie works best! For larger products or services think outside the box - something to remember you later such as a recipe, toothbrush, cleaning cloth, coupon, etc.

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Midnight Mosaic Large Display Tote

Eye-Catching Accents

Don't shy away from a little color. Our bold fabrics and bright accents are carefully selected with one goal - to get you noticed. In line at the store, across the office or three tables down at a restaurant, your Luci Bag will draw attention to your business, cause or treasured photos.

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Blazing Ikat Purse

Matte Photos

A stunning photo display starts with the prints. We recommend using professional matte-finished photos, 1 hour photo works great! Glossy prints are not recommended as they can result in a bubbly appearance. Printouts from a home Inkjet or LaserJet should be laminated or simply topped with packing tape to avoid discoloring the window plastic.

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Ideas & Inspiration...

For help crafting a truly unique brag bag or promoting your business while on the go, scroll through our lookbook! It's packed with inspiration to help you create an effective display guaranteed to get the conversation started! Examples include real life small businesses, direct sales & MLM ideas and plenty of photo totes. Everything from cosmetics to skincare, jewelry, nails, oil, candles, stamps books and so much more. When you have your display together, please send us a picture!

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