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Care & Warranty

Spot clean as necessary with mild soap and water.  Do not machine wash.  Clean display windows with rubbing alcohol and a dry washcloth.  Avoid handling with freshly-lotioned or wet hands.

All of our totes and accessories are made from heavy high-quality cotton fabrics [except our polyester Deco collection]. The tote bottoms feature a leather-like bottom that is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. Should you soil your tote we recommend spot cleaning as needed - DO NOT machine wash. After cleaning, a warm iron can be applied to the fabric areas. DO NOT iron the display plastic, label or leather bottom as they can melt and discolor.

To remove white scuff marks from the window plastic, simply use a little rubbing alcohol on a Q-Tip or paper towel.  Take care to use as little alcohol as necessary and apply only to the affected portion of the window.  Let dry thoroughly before returning items to the display pocket.

Should your Luci Bag present a manufacturing defect within 120 days, contact us for replacement. Manufacturer’s defects are issues such as a faulty zipper, discolored fabric or stitching flaws. Normal wear is expected of a fabric tote and is not considered a manufacturing defect eligible for replacement. 

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